• flowerpotlynn posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Morning all, another lovey day in prospect. All bees safely in hives now, we kept our swarm, it was a large one OH reckons 2/3rds of our hive are in it, so he need to check our hive to see if they have a Queen, all the honey was left, when bees swarm they take a lot of honey with them. The first swarm are now in a hive in Ely, as the young chap that came to visit in March? James, to talk and learn about bees, had bought a hive ready for bees, so he’s taken them, so we now have two hives :good: just need to make sure all 3 hives have laying queen’s in over the next couple of weeks. So we could we a few mating flights, hopefully not today as I want to spend some more time in the garden!!!
    Hoping for a quieter day today :good:
    Enjoy your day, hopefully you all have sunshine :rose: :rose:

    • Hi Lynn :-) Bee life sounds very complicated :lol: Hope you have a quieter day and just have the occasional buzz close by while you’re pottering :rose:

      • Evening Jane, a much quieter day today. No more swarms!!!
        Managed most of the day in the garden, planted
        a further row of parsnips and weeded in-between all the other veg, raked the area where the sweetcorn is going along with the Tom’s&squash.
        Hope you had some time to sit on your bench :good: