• flowerpotlynn posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Evening all, approx 6 hours in the garden, I hope I can move tomorrow especially my arms, I will not have bingo wings!!!!! Our next small town had a burst water main, which meant no water, OH’s company is in said small town, so they had to shut the company down as the water main wasn’t going to be fixed until at least 4pm👍, he was well chuffed, so I trimmed the biggest box hedge inside and out, whilst OH sorted out one of our bees, we want to make them a more manageable size with a ladder for trimming, so I ended up helping put all the branches in a big pile to either be shredded or taken down the dump we haven’t decided which, as we will need to hire a larger chipper.
    Had a very hot shower whilst OH Hass gone for fish and chips, I’m absolutely starving as we had just a snack lunch at12.30 !!! HAGE all, I might end up snoozing Infront of the TV?? :giggle:

    • Morning Lynn :-) Sounds like it was a heck of day ;-) Do you have enough room to have a woodpile? We have one on the side of the ditch and it breaks down quite quickly, even with large logs on it. We add to it as and when. I have honeysuckle growing over it now. Hope you have a lovely Friday :-)

      • Morning Jane, I’m moving :lol: back is just a little sore!!
        As we have a open fire we like to keep any branches big enough to dry out then burn, you can burn yes. Yes we do have a pile of stuff we just let rot down,also we have a small chipper so chip to top up the paths what we can also.
        Shopping this morning, then some tennis 🎾 later. Have a good Friday too.💐💐

        • Good news on the movement, Lynn :good: :lol: Sounds like everything in the garden is good then, too :rose: Errr, with tennis comes strawberries and cream ;-)