• flowerpotlynn posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Morning all, it’s grey but warm and very still, not sure what I’m doing to day, aching a bit more from my gardening exploits on Thursday, so a gentle start. Last box hedge needs trimming and a bit of tidying up, winter broad beans need picking and freezing or just drying out for next year’s crop. Have lots of peas, cobra beans &Rhonda black beans on plants👍👍👍so might sow some more peas as some of the leaves seem to be dying??
    OH rescued a very small swarm of bees about a mug full from his workplace, they had the entire area cordoned off and were going to kill rentakill???? Not sure if they will survive though :-( we will give them a frame of honey from our main hive and see if that gives them some energy to start drawing comb etc, if it does OH will put a frame of capped brood in with them to hatch and increase the numbers. So it will be awaiting game.
    Hoping to catch the ladies final today. Thought both men’s matches were good, I only caught the last set of Nadal/Federer match, should be a interesting men’s final. HAGD all :rose: :coffee:

    • Gosh, I am well impressed with all the bee shenanigans Lynn :lol: Bravo you two, rescuing another lot … brilliant :-) :good:
      Have a good day today … I shall probably watch the Ladies’ Final today too :rose: … [was most upset that the beautiful Rafa lost out to the equally beautiful Federer :disappointed: ] but hey :dunno: :rose:

      • Evening Lynn and Anne. I am impressed too Lynn :good: Brilliant Fed/Rafa match and sorry my boy didn’t win but you’ve got to admire Feds, he played like a 25 year old, brilliant. Let us hope he can beat Djok :fingers-crossed:

        • :fingers-crossed: Oh gosh yes please Cilla :lol:
          though after watching an interview about Novak talking about his family I feel more sympathetic towards him now :confused: :rose:

          • I believe he is a very caring man Anne and does a lot for others :good:

            • Am realising that one can be too quick to rush to judgement Cilla :good: :-) and of course, I don’t know either guys so let’s hope they enjoy the match :good: :rose: