• flowerpotlynn posted an update 7 months ago

    Morning all, a quick hello before my battery gives up!!!! Shopping this morning and whatever I can find to do this afternoon, as it looks like a lot of rain heading this way from about 12pm if the radar is to be beleived.
    All went well yesterday, was impressed with my BP considering I drove on my own and had to negotiate a six exit 4 lane roundabout with traffic light in rush hour traffic!!!!!😵😵 119/60bp👍👍👍 plus I was lighter in weight and hadn’t shrunk!!!! So I’m healthy enough to go ahead with the day surgery!!
    Catch up later. HAGD all💐💐💐🌻🌻🌻🌻

    • Morning Lynn :-) good for you on all counts :good: and good luck with the surgery :rose: Have a good day – I’ll have your rain, please ;-)

    • Great news on the health front Lynn, and well done on the excellent navigating. :cool:

    • Thankyou Karen & Jane :good:
      We have had some rain Jane, more later and I think it’s spreading your way.
      Yes I impressed myself Karen, since giving up work just before we moved, I didn’t then have to deal with rush hour driving, then moving to the country I tend to plan around the traffic, it’s surprising how you lose some confidence when you don’t do it. Shan’t make a habit of it though😀😀