• flowerpotlynn posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Afternoon all, well it’s rained non stop since 11.30 and has just sort of stopped, it’s very grey and miserable,put the heating on for a hour!!!! Have long sleeved t-shirt,summer jumper,socks and trousers!!!
    Family has got held up, but dinner is in the oven, cottage pie with main crop potatoes ‘cara’ I dug up a plant to see how big they were :good: and plum clafotius (think that’s how you spell it) dark plums from the tree :good:
    Topped up the fridge and snack cupboard this morning, no one in Aldi or Tesco’s. HAGE all💐💐

    • Evening Lynn….any room for a little one, it sounds delicious :-) It hasn’t stopped raining here either and I have my cardi on. Pork casserole here as OH is out until late and a red wine and strawb and blueberry crumble with ice cream! Have a lovely time with your family. :rose:

    • Have a lovely evening Lynn, and you too Cilla :good:
      We’ve had similar weather here all day … don’t like it when I can’t potter in the garden :-( have had to do HW stuff instead :bad: :lol:
      Must make a tasty evening meal like you two :good:
      HALE :rose: