• flowerpotlynn posted an update 1 week ago

    Morning all, it’s raining heavily here!! So it looks like the ironing will get done,unless I get distracted with something else, like writing,reading or knitting.
    Enjoyed Knit&Natter yesterday, managed to tidy up the greenhouse &OH jet washed the outside, just need to clean the inside now!!! Found a small tunnel under the frame, we think it’s a rat :excruciating: :excruciating: so shall be venturing in there with trepidation :excruciating:
    HAGD all💐💐

    • cilla replied 1 week ago

      Morning Lynn. No ironing here, could be cupboard cleaning…..or not ;-) The poor rodents are getting washed out of their homes which is why they are venturing into indoor spots. I may make them some houses under the hedges. Better get up now, though looking outside, I may as well stay cosy in bed :lol:

    • Morning Lynn :-) yes, as Cilla says, wet tunnels for rats and mice – don’t worry overmuch – I know that’s easy to say though. HAGD :-)

      • Hi Jane, I think we have a mouse problem, they have been getting in the garage, they chewed up the small sponge decorating rollers,chewed holes in OH’s fishing bag & chewed through something on the chainsaw,that cost us over £30 to get repaired!!!

        • Lynn. I have just received a battery operated sonic rodent repeller for £14.99 on Amazon which has very good reviews. OH hasn’t put it in the loft yet.