• flowerpotlynn posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Morning all, it’s very blustery and the wind is rather cold, a indoor day, decorating, reading ,knitting&snoozing as the wind kept me awake!!! Plus the moon!!!
    We have a good internet connection and electricity👍👍
    I sowed some beetroot boltardy,spinach America &brusselsprout everham early, in a cold frame in the greenhouse, hope to do some sweet peas this week.
    A 👍to thompson-morgan seed/bulb supplier, I ordered the dahlia collection back in January, the carrier Hermes said they were unable to deliver due to the road being flooded,I won’t bore you with the details,but this was the 8/9parcel I’ve had problems with getting delivered via them!!! So TM sent me another order via royal mail, which arrived promptly anyway 1st parcel arrived on Friday!!! I rang TM ,who said that could keep the second parcel free of charge as they have a 4day window for sending out ,bulbs/tubers, so I know have eight dahlia’s to find homes for😀😀👍👍 hagd all

    • Morning Lynn :-) Good that you can just keep the bulbs etc – it would certainly be a pain if you had to return them. Hope to do some sowing this weekend – depends on my mood, according to what the weather is up to ;-) Enjoy the indoor day :-)