• flowerpotlynn posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Morning all,a brightish sort of start and the wind has dropped to a breeze, thankgoodness,might get some sleep tonight!!!! Greenhouse is registering just above freezing,so it’s going to be cold outside, thermals and thick coat, when I go to knit &natter this morning. Hagd all.💐🌷🌻

    • Morning Lynn. Same here, cold but bright. Enjoy that K and N…..I expect that means cake :lol:

    • Morning Lynn, glad things have eased down. :good: K, N and cake sounds just the job for a cold morning, stay warm and enjoy. :-)

    • Morning Lynn :-) You’ll enjoy getting out today, especially if cake is involved ;-) Have a good one :-)

    • Afternoon,yes my morning did involve chatting&a cheese scone👍,b which was much appreciated after a days decorating 😀, it was a tad cold and the wind increased!!! But has now died down again.
      Have just finished the ironing and feel like having a nap!! Haga all💐