• flowerpotlynn posted an update 2 days, 10 hours ago

    Evening all, a milder day and less wind,unlike the last two days. -2C in the greenhouse yesterday morning, but I did manage to get the grass cut & the edges trimmed. Will finish off digging over the veg patch, the kale has gone to seed and some of the leeks, so I’ll be clearing them over the weekend. Catching up with London family on Saturday at a English heritage park,we are going on a dragon egg hunt!!! Which should keep Max happy. We haven’t seen them since 7th Dec. We’ve also booked a self catering holiday first week of May in Dorset,so catching up with Dorset family then, plus I have a haircut on Tuesday 🎉🎉
    Hage all 🥀🌻🥀🌻

    • Woohoo Lynn :lol: :dance: Have a lovely weekend and enjoy all your catching up :-) :rose:
      • What great news all round Lynn, so lovely to be able to catch up with family, bet you are looking forward to that. :-) I’m also very envious of your haircut! :lol:
          • Morning Lynn. Lots to look forward to :good: Where is your Dorset hideaway? Have a lovely time this weekend and my haircut is tuesday….woohoo :lol:
          • Morning Lynn :-) Well that sounds like it’s all go and all that family activity will certainly perk you up :good: Great news that you’ve managed to get a May booking, too :good: Have a brilliant day :-)