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    gertie - "Nightnight Folks…it was a fair day and thank you for all your good wishes too :clover: :walt: :rose: "View
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    charlie13 - "storm on the way. batten down the hatches. :bad: "View
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    raggedjack - " :walt: Born on this day…Frank Sinatra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOzEeJZ92X8"View
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    NorthernTeacher - "@gertie A very happy birthday to Dom for today :walt: :cake: :present: :walt: Hope you both have a lovely day :-) "View
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    Vashte-Coutts - "Happy birthday to Dom and Jane, Wishing you both a fab day. :cake: :rose: :rose: :present: :drink: :coffee: "View
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    ronvalley - "Severn bridge fishing Friday night, Daybreak Penarth this morning,And all the yatchies Early morning."View
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    johnmichael - "Afternoon all,found these switch covers useful to prevent accidentally turning something important off."View
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    cilla - "Morning clickers, the rain has stopped and the news is good :good: Probably a walk and my rosa mutablis has come away from its stake so I need to do a drastic pruning as the winds have taken their toll. […]"View
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    dandlyon - "Just need to top the bottles up and the Cumberland Brandy is ready for you know when. 8 bottles started back in Match"View
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    stuart - "Role on the spring time"View
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    seasider - "I managed to get a bit of hedge cutting done yesterday and pruned a couple of shrubs. Today I was going to carry on but it rained until about 2pm so went for a walk instead when it faired up, as I couldn`t be […]"View
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    Jenn - "Afternoon everyone. It’s a bit brighter today but blummin cold – that’s December for you, I guess :lol: Tiler is still here – he is doing a great job but I hope he finishes today. Nothing else very […]"View
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    spatham60 - "I have changed my profile pic… I thought the deer would be more Christmassy… I didn’t get to do everything on my list as my youngest Daughter is moving house so some days were spent helping her… I managed […]"View
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    Muddyhands - "Morning all, a nice small box of bulbs been delivered from Parker’s. Yeah!!!!! Planting herewe go love this time of year. HAGU all x"View
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    dixon - "Morning gang, a better day forecast and about time too. :-) Going to tidy up the borders today. Cats have been using it big time :excruciating: If Walt can oblige :walt: I would like “ driving home for C […]"View
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    mick1970 - "Good evening had alot of rain lately not touched the garden in while need some dry days"View
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    Yewbarrow - "morning all, wet again today, so nothing doing in garden or plot me thinks, waiting for joiner to arrive to sort out loft ladder which is not really the right one, so OH can’t use it to get into loft to start […]"View
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    Duncan - "Have made a few changes that might hopefully help those that have been having trouble adding pics in the forum. Please give it a try if you were and let me know your findings."View
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    Star - "Hello Everyone…………………………well we have been in hot spell……..it was 39C today and going to be 35C tomorrow ( making 4 days in a row over t he old 100F) as you have most probably guess I […]"View
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    Ambersparkle - "Hello fellow Members, sorry not been on, and will try to do better, but must explain, that I only have the use of one Arm.As am typing this, have to support my right Arm with my left, as have no Bone in my right […]"View
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