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    Does anyone have an organic solution to pre-treat blight before it develops please?
    I’ve just had an email blight alert in Kent. :excruciating:



    Hi lovely H, Making your own Bordeaux mixture, with Copper Sulphate is the only thing I know of, don’t think there is anything that truly “treats” blight but the Bordeaux mixture helps to keep it at bay for quite a while. Tony also mentioned a new spray for blight this morning, that is supposed to be organic, hang on……..

    “There’s a product called Blight Guard on the market that’s claimed to be 100% natural ingredients but it’s not cheap and have not read any results yet from users.” Might be worth investigating.



    Thank you so much fo referencing that from Tony sweet pea :good: :rose:

    I’ve also just ordered this from Amazon…made from worm casts??
    May be worth trying…




    Nature’s Gift, worm cast concentrate has just arrived so we’ll see how we get on with it. Might be a bit of a challenge not spraying the flowers :dunno: and it’s recommended you use only rainwater as the chlorine in tap water kills the active microbes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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