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    Hi frank, I copied your propagator :good: the only difference is I have attached my led grow lights to the poly lid, works fine. :-)



    You had good germination there Frank, :good:



    Looks a good set up you have there, could’ve just been a bad batch of seeds, think it’s been a rotten start to our growing year with the dark and cold start to our spring we had :-(
    Anyway it’ll all pick up soon :good: :-)


    Frank AKA seasider

    Hi Dixon sorry for the delay in replying I have just seen this post. I am glad the propagator work for you I have found it really useful, I have just taken mine apart and stored it for next year when I hope to have another attempt at growing begonia seeds, Allan has provided some good advice which I will try, I don`t like to be beaten. I had thought about grow lights and if they have a lot of advantage, what do you think?.


    Frank AKA seasider

    Hi Karen I did wonder about the weather early on this year, we had some very dark overcast days and as I said to Dixon I wondered if grow lights are much of an advantage. What I don`t understand was the complete failure of any petunia to germinate after my 1st attempt last year was such a success. I suppose you put that down to gardening and my lack of propagating experience with the more difficult seeds. I will just have to try harder next year. :lol:

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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