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    Frank AKA seasider

    My neighbour and I had a very big Holly Tree cut down last year which was undermining my garage foundations. The tree surgeon said he had killed off the root and it would not grow again. Hoever this year it has produced new shoots around the circumference of the stump about 2 feet high. I have decided to have a go at killing off myself, can anyone suggest the best way of killing it?. I have in the past used rock salt for smaller stumps which worked ok but is there anything better for large stumps.



    You can buy Stump Killing stuff. I am about to use some on my conifer stumps.
    Most of them are just powdered Salt peter (potassium nitrate) which you can buy I am told.
    Drill holes into the stump and fill them with the chemical.
    Do not use ordinary table salt. If you do decide on salt then Epsom salts are the way to go.


    Frank AKA seasider

    Thanks for your reply Eric I will check it out, I don’t know what the tree surgeon used to kill it but it hasn’t worked so I will have to have a go at it myself. I will certainly have a look at this.



    SBM JOB DONE is the only one i have used Frank, You drill holes in the root and tip the contents of the sachet into them. :good:


    Frank AKA seasider

    Thanks Allan I will have a look in the G/C tomorrow, I will have to get this done before it gets going again properly. The

    tree stump is about 16″ across.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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