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    hi there

    I have lots of homemade nettle feed left over and wondered whether there’s any use for it once i’ve used what I’ve needed in my (raised bed) veg patch? Or does it have a ‘shelf life’? Could I toss it into the beds once the growing season is over, for example?

    Any help or advice much appreciated. Thanks so much.


    I have had mine stored for next year was made last year, ,, am sure someone will correct me if am doing it wrong.i cant see a problem really.


    liqid feed is like wine it matures and is better for it,I have rhubarbleaves fermenting and am begining to doubt it’s worth it is full of mosquitoe grubs who are living quit happly in it, that carn’t be right it is surposed to kill them, on the other hand I have comfree maturing and every day it gets stronger, in the spring I did it with comfree and nettel and it did my plants well, but the nettles are in seed now so I wont use them. :good:


    I use my left over nettle and comfrey liquid to water my compost heaps, just filling two plastic dustbins now ready for pouring on the compost during the winter.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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