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    just to ask how do you plant your spuds my dad planted his potatoes with a wooden dibber making a hole dropping the potato in the hole no fertilizer but pre-manure overwinter

    my wife doesn’t like the dibber way of planting so we plant in a trench I made a planter to fit the rotorvator it makes a trench so we put fertilizer in trench with the potatoes spaced around about a 1ft to 18inc apart then pull the soil over the trench unfortunately I haven’t made a tool to fit the rotavator that covers the trench that’s done by hand

    so what’s your preference trench planting or a wooden dibber planting and do you use a low nitrogen fertilizer or no fertilizer preferring to manure overwinter before planting your potatoes



    I prefer when growing potatoes in the ground to plant in trenches in well dug ground. I find this way the roots run through the soil easier and this gives a higher yield.
    I add potato fertiliser to the bottom of the trench and hoe it in rather than sit the potato on top of the fertiliser The potato fertiliser I use has an NPK 10-10- 10 , A lightly clench hand full of fertiliser to every nine foot run of trench, roughly 2oz per sq yd. Each time the potatoes are earthed up add a side dressing of more fertiliser. When growing well I support the haulms , as I found once the haulms fall over the plant matures and the tubers stop growing. Also I alternate between a Nitrogen liquid feed and a liquid Potash feed at half strength each watering. Always water first with plain water to damp the soil then water with the feed. The same routine is used for the potatoes grown in drums



    Hi Roly, I now use a long handled bulb/potato planter, simular to the dibber but removes a large section of soil, used to dig a trench but found it too back breaking and my son bought me this device one year for my birthday :-) can get all my spuds in so quick now too, do grow green manure which is dug in over winter so soil feels good when using the planter, I sprinkle some grow more on when earthing up :-)



    Hi Roly, I use the no dig method, I walk up the bed with my Zimmer frame and my Mrs follows behind dropping the spuds in the holes, :lol: No Its the only time I do dig, I dig a trench out and put well rotted manure in he bottom of it. I then sprinkle growmore over it, Then put a thin layer of earth over the top of growmore and manure,, Place the spuds in and cover until the ground is level, Afterwards I only earth up twice. Works for me, :good:



    everyone to there own if its your way and it works why change we all have our preference the way we grow and other things wouldn’t the world be a dull place if we all did the same way

    I can’t remember anyone planting potatoes by hand when I worked on the farm we had a three row planter that had three men sitting on the back planting potatoes then came the automatic planter without the need of anyone on the machine just fill the hopper with seed potatoes and drive up the field taking half the time I wonder now how we ever got 100 acres planted with those tree men it seemed very slow compared to nowadays

    and I think planting 25kg down the allotment is a couple of days hard work you know I really like to see a nicely planted potato crop there really is nothing like digging you first early potato crop with a dressing of your own garden mint :-)

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