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    I’ve ordered a new base from the Greenhouse People, and a number of other items which I think will be needed in the re-building – and have spent some time trying to locate someone who is familiar with greenhouses and taking them apart. These people are rarer than hen’s teeth – apparently the local garden centre hires someone from the other side of Scotland when necessary. I’ve ordered Citrox to clean the glass as it comes off (and the frame) and a roll of corrugated cardboard to cut up and put between each cleaned pane i.e am optimistic that some will come out without breaking. Fingers crossed!



    Well organised Sheila :good: bon courage :good: :rose:



    Good luck with all this, Sheila! Hope you manage the hired help for the g/h.



    have a look on you tube Sheila, I have found some very useful DIY videos in the past which has saved me doing things I shouldn’t, best of luck with your greenhouse

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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