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    Hi all, don’t know if you can help but a lovely lady I go to with my job has a rose Bush called mum, it was bought for her by her auntie after her mum had passed away, sadly last year her auntie passed away too :-( , she’s quite disabled so I have taken it upon myself to care for this rose, the problem is she says the rose flowers are really small now compared to larger blooms in previous years, I’ve been feeding it and doing the usual dead heading, should I give it a hard prune in the autumn with a good mulch, anyway I told her today i’ll ask your advice as am certain I’d get the advice needed :good:
    I’ve attached a picture taken today of this rose Bush called mum :love:
    I’ve fed it with some grow more :-)



    Hard pruning usually encourages bigger but fewer blooms, we have a lot of shrub roses and we part prune in autumn to prevent wind damage and do the final harder pruning in February.
    Hope this helps



    ‘Mum’ is a floribunda. Roses do not take kindly to being hard pruned, and should not be pruned in the Autumn. The best time to prune is the third week of February. Mulch it then, and prune it to the desired size and shape.



    This is very helpful Karen and Walt. I have ancient roses, Peace, and Dame de Court, and they have grown tall and woody. I need to prune them right down, and have noticed that as I gradually cut off woody old bits, new shoots come up. I shall try hard pruning in Feb to get them manageable again … thanks Walt … i really don’t want to lose them by my ignorance or wrong treatment. :good: :rose:



    Thank you so much for as usual brilliant advice :good: which I can use on my roses too, I will let my lady know about too hard a pruning as this is what she thought should be done in the autumn, and seeing as this rose means so much to her I’d feel awful if i got it wrong :dunno:



    Gertie if in the autumn you take a long piece about 12 inches or so of stalk and cut it below a node remove lower leaves and top bit to node, plant it in the ground so three quarters is below ground it will strike and you will have a new plant do two or three as s..ds law if one is done it will die if three all will grow!!

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