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    I was having a conversation with a professional gardener the other day and the question of seed sowing came up basically what seed he bought and from who he said he bought his seed from several suppliers but was using seed tapes rather than conventional seed was his preferred option

    having had good results from seed tapes he said he would be using seed tapes more than conventional seed in the future I haven’t used seed myself but we have been buying pelleted seed where possible both in veg and flower seed a little more costly perhaps but I find them more easy for sowings especially carrot sowings

    so I thought ask our friends on G/C who’s been using seed taped and what results have you had do you think there worth buying in preference conventional seed



    My f-i-l has started buying seed tapes due a lack of dexterity in his hands. Very easy to use. He gave me some taped rocket and also carrot seeds. Haven’t got room for the carrots yet but I laid out a strip of rocket seeds and they germinated quickly, all in a nice neat row as you might expect ;-) I wouldn’t buy them myself – I don’t know the price but expect them to be more expensive than ordinary seeds.


    Frank AKA seasider

    I have heard about these Roly but have not seen any, it sounds a good idea especially if like me, have only got a small space and I am this year growing carrots in containers, so taped seeds may well be better than packeted seeds. I have not seen these in G/C so not sure where to buy them maybe on line I will have to check.



    I tried these a couple of years ago, were good germination too, but for a plot a bit expensive I thought, but if growing in small raised beds or containers would be ideal, and seedlings are neatly spaced out, I did buy mine online but have noticed some larger garden centres are starting to supply these now :good: definitely worth a try :-)



    i haven’t actually bought any tape seed yet but I was considering trying taped parsnip seed because I’ve tried several methods of parsnip growing tried paper pots I’m now trying growing parsnips in peat pots placing the peat pot in a plastic coffee cup
    as I said trial and error comes to mind

    I tries growing the seed direct sowing in the ground in allotments but the weeds took over and then something wiped out the plants before they could get established

    so tapes mite be another option if the peat pots don’t work I must say I haven’t seen any seed tapes sold in our garden centres I know there for sale in some of the seed catalogues that we have received but worth considering for next season

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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