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    is it possible to sow swede and turnip in plug trays or toilet holders or paper pots same for carrot seed individually say two per station taking out one plant leaving I plant in the pot then transplant the pot into the ground

    I know the traditional way is to sow swede and turnip thinly in rows and gap them out to the required distance



    You can buy them like that in garden centres…is it all about root disturbance why they recommend to sow and thin



    One only in a small biodegradable container avoids root disturbance when you plant out the seedlings. Some folks recommend two in case but that always strikes me as counterproductive as you’ll disturb roots when you thin !!



    I grow beetroot like that Roly, I plant the seed in plugpots and when they have produced small but reasonable plants I plant the plugs on the allotment – at the same time as planting the plugs I sow the first seeds on the allotment – I did this today and when the seeds I have planted today germinate I sow the next lot – these plug plants goive me a head start and I get beetroot earlier than if I just sowed seed direct on the plot – so why not give it a go, as long as you don’t disturb the roots you will be ok, which with plug pots I am fairly sure I don’t



    good idea Yewbarrow why not watch this space A :lol:



    Don’t thin them, Plant two or three seeds of swedes to a coffee cup, When you have decided which one is the strongest plantlet,, Nip the other ones off with a scissors Unless you have long nails. ;-)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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