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    Hi All, this is the 4th time I have tried to grow spring onions with very poor results.
    1st & 2nd time I sowed them direct into soil and the slugs ate the lot.
    3rd time I sowed into window boxes with a mixture of sieved soil and compost and all I got was what looked like very slim blades of grass.
    3rd time I have sowed into deep pots of compost and they are now looking like slightly thicker blades of grass but are floppy and are showing no sighs of looking anything like a decent sized spring onion.
    I am using the standard White Lisbon as seed and I just don’t seem to be getting any results.
    They are positioned in full sun and are moved to a sheltered spot if it gets windy or there is heavy rain to ensure that they are kept just moist.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Do they need a special feeding or watering regime?
    Does anyone else have any problems with growing them or is it just me?

    I adore spring onions fresh and in stir fries so am desperate to get a decent crop if it kills me
    All advise and help greatly appreciated fellow Clickers.


    Sorry the send 3rd time should be the 4th time

    Daffy Gardener

    You’re probably not doing anything wrong. I’ve sown one lot and absolutely nothing. We’ll need to await the professional growers advice from our fellow clickers :-(


    if it is but a small consolation it is the one crop I have never been able to grow very well, either on the allotment or in the garden


    I can never grow them so snip chives on to my salads.


    I sow them quite thick in soil that had been manured for the previous year,I don’t thin them out and when picking, I just grab a bunch and pull them out,Working my way up the row,Too much nitrogen is a big problem,because it makes them grow too fast and stringy, ;-)


    I grew my spring onions in deep plug trays and have just planted them out into the allotments they where good pencil size plants planted in the ground like Tony said had manure on last year but I did add a little potash fertilizer when planting out

    the variety I grew was simian slightly milder than most that I like I’ve found growing my spring onions in plug trays gives me the best results

    its proven a good method for all my seed sowed onions [bulbing] included

    also I grew my salad onions in a razed bed last year but have set them in a row on open ground this year


    In the G house if sowing early (April)….i sow direct into border soil. No soil…BIG container with soil in.
    Sowed about 10 days ago..in the “G house” as above …2 inch tall now and won’t thin them till at least 4 inch ..even then i don’t do much as I’m not looking for big plants. Bit of balanced fertiliser perhaps and just water “well” ( without a rose ) ether side of the row not “on” it …thus letting the moisture wick sideways and down. Just something I do as i don’t believe in roses when watering actual plants.
    Oh..did I say ..Sow In a G House ! a few pellets just in case the odd varmint gets in there ! Salads of any persuasion are Sooooooooooooooooooooo much easier under cover.


    Patience is a virtue when growing Spring Onions :yawn: ..and warmer soil helps too :notacloudinsight: …I have given up on mine many a time, only to find the little shoots when I tried to sow something else.


    Only place I grow mine are in the polytunnel, small trench with a layer of compost then sprinkle on the seeds and gently water in, then wait patiently :-)


    I grow ever lasting onions all you do is pull off the green and they grow again and you have them all year round. ;-)


    For a good alternative ,Google WELSH ONION. ;-)


    Think Welsh onions were made for me – the idea of planting something once and being able to continue to use it for years is made in heaven, and I do like them on a lot of sandwiches and in potato salad.


    Thank you everyone, I can see I am not alone with issues in this area.
    I will try again later in the bed that had the potatoes in as that was given manure last year, I think I will also try some welsh onions. I have other onion problems but will post another question on that

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