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    the wife’s decided she wants to try growing sweet potatoes I hold my hands up I know nothing about growing sweet potatoes I can’t even remember eating sweet potatoes let alone growing them

    so if anyone has been growing sweet potatoes any advise would be much appreciated


    I grew them a few years ago when they first appeared in seed catalogues – I ordered the slips from Thompson & Morgan – planting instructions came with them – I grew them in the greenhouse and planted them in a large pot in compost – the vegetation from them is a bit like the bindweed or morning glory in that it is trailing, I just left it to grow without supporting it – however the crop was poor and I have not bothered since. Alocal farmer grew some about the same time for sale in his farm shop and they were good sized tubers but the lady in the shop sold them before they were “cured” whatever that may mean and she got in bother for it – good luck with it will be interested to hear how you get on


    I also grew them once Roly, They grew like triffids, Took all the room in my tunnel. So I pulled them out because they were taking the space my carrots needed,,, One thing I saved on though, I didn’t waste money on buying slips, I grew my own as in photo. For the amount of them that we eat, we just buy one when we fancy one. ;-)


    Roly there are many video clips on youtube showing how to grow sweet potatoes, some are good others you take with a pinch of salt :good:


    from your replies I think they mite not be what we expect them to be but I’m not getting involved in planting them but I bet I get roped in to help planting them something tells me

    because once the wife gets it in her head to grow something we haven’t grew before its like a crusade I think the idea is to plant them in a large tub

    will let you know how it turns out at a later date ;-)


    Must confess I can understand your wife’s urge to try a new crop. The same urge has driven me to grow winter squash and outdoor sweetcorn up here, just to see if it would be possible to crop them successfully outside in Scottish conditions. And the answer to those is yes. I like to think it is an innate urge in the human psyche to push boundaries – like being an Arctic explorer, or going to the moon – only much more comfortable and cheaper. Lots of others may have done it before me, and lots of others may have grown sweet potatoes – but your wife is on a quest, Roly – and you don’t stand a chance of dissauding her. My quest this year is to grow a humble swede successfully, adding boron last year still didn’t work – and horticulturally, I am a Dunce.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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