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    This worm is not for turning.
    Why would I want to turn?
    As day by day in this rich earth
    I wriggle and I squirm.
    I fear the spade and blackbirds beak,
    with danger all around
    there’s no one to protect me
    or keep me safe and sound.

    Suppose I should decide to turn
    what would I then become?
    A suntanned replica of me
    that basks out in the sun?
    Acquire a house to carry round
    to which I can retreat
    should other critters think that I
    might make a tasty treat?

    The worm has turned,
    but turned from what?
    I really wish I knew
    do other worms have doubts
    or fret and worry as I do?
    It’s raining, I can sense it now
    I’ll take a little peek,
    too late, too late, it’s got me now
    I’m in the Blackbirds beak.

    This worm was not for turning
    It’s really quite surreal,
    the choice no longer mine to make
    I’ve turned into a meal.




    Author notes
    When Shakespeare used that simple phrase, “The worm has turned,” he knew his audience would understand its meaning and origin. A widely used expression even today, it indicates a reversal of fortune, but few who use it know why.


    Did you write this, Pat? I’m pretty impressed but my worms probably wouldn’t be :warning: !!



    Fabulous poem Pat :D …feel sorry for the worm :( happy for the blackbird though, that’s life I guess.


    Great photo of the thrush with the worm I tried to put a photo with my poem but couldn’t figure how to do it, and yes I did write it myself  thanks for the  nice  comments  :-)


    Terrific poem Pat. I shudder every time I slice a worm with my spade but I do move them off paths and roads and generally look out for their welfare!!!


    lovely poem, i too hate it if i chop a worm whilst digging, i even say sorry, but i will save them if they,re trapped in the open on a hot day :)


    I look forward to your book of poems, though I fear that I will have to wait in a long que, your poems are top line, thanks for the read,


    Thanks Cliff no books of poetry out don’t think there is much interest these days can’t imagine someone like Pam Ayres getting there own TV these days not someone like Val Doonican sitting singing while in a rocking chair :-)


    That’s a shame Snapdragon. I would buy it. I have quite a few poetry books including a Charlie Chester poetry book with a poem of mine it…………….from about 40 years ago! I think I received the princely sum of 3 guineas!


    when bathing my son as a toddler, dried sticks used to fall out of his trouser pockets – gathered them up and threw them out – sometime later I realised he was collecting worms as I was digging on the plot and putting them in his pockets to keep as pets – unfortunately for the worms, the heat of his body finished them off by bed and bathtime p- just hope not many ended up in the washing machine.


    Happy memories YB how old is your son now and does he cringe when you recount the tales!  my sister two years younger than me used to eat mud! mum and dad have photos of her happy as larry with it all around her face like chocolate


    lovely poem – well done.  if you don’t mind, Ill print that out and pin it up in my shed on my lotti – would that be ok?

    I used to collect snails and kept them in a small area of the garden.  Also rescued a blue-bottle fly from the toilet basin once when I was a toddler!


    Hi Mary by all means copy and post it in your shed. We used to collect snails and would race them in our front porch which had a tiled floor we used to wet the ‘track’ so as to get them to go in the right direction there was always a ready supply of them clinging to the wall behind the Perrywinkle


    Like it Patricia :-) I think that the ones in my composter are best off!! :-)


    They are nice and safe from the blackbirds beak in there Anne, my sister has one of the plastic council compost bins and lots of tiger worms in there puzzles me how they got in as she didn’t start off with any think I might bring some home and pop in my compost heap come the spring.

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