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    we thought we would try something new this year for our hanging baskets something different so we went for a plant called Torenia moon rose I have to admit I know very little about Torenia’s only that they look quite a nice in the catalogue but of cause that’s only in the catalogue

    the proof of this will be when its actually flowering in the baskets “he hopes” so has anyone out there herd of Torenia or even grew Torenia we have found when people visit the garden on the NGS day they always complement our baskets that makes it all worth the effort

    begonia and impatiens where our best basket displays last year I found impatiens where the best plants for my round baskets that’s two baskets joined together to make a flower ball very eye catching so its going to be fingers crossed for my Torenia :-)



    Wow those round baskets … wonderful idea :good: … will look beautiful with the Torenia Roly, and what a pretty choice! What colour/s will you choose?



    They might be a bit tall for a basket Roly,I grew them once and I had trouble with damping off as seedlings and then grey mould as plants,I never grew them again. ;-)



    Hi Allan
    i bought these in anticipation for a good show in the hanging baskets catalogue says perfect for 10-13cm pot or hanging baskets
    cascades from baskets and containers plants reach 15-20cm spread to easily 35-40vm

    so you could be rite in what your saying but now I’ve bought them i really need to give Torenia rose a chance fingers crossed ;-)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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