• gertie posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hallo again :high-five: ….couldn’t sleep again so am up and washed and dressed and here :lol: Will now catch up, but tell you first, that we waited, in a stuffed aeroplane for over three hours last night before taking off over three and a half hours behind schedule.
    The ignominy of seeing another plane come, disgorge, reload and go was almost too much to bear :excruciating: Eventually landing at Gatport Airwick we were home via train and bus , by midnight. That was fun … not much ;-)
    It’s cold and dull in CP. HAGD All … laters :high-five: will catch up now :rose:
    • How horrendous for you, Anne :-( Dix had a wait on the tarmac, too, I see. Glad you’re home safe and sound anyway :good: :good:

    • Yes, I saw that for Dixon and Jean … not very comfortable … too much time to think, get a stiff bot, and listen to the inevitable joker [there’s always one ennit she said unkindly] trying to keep us cheery ! All credit to the pilots and staff tho’ … they did a good job in trying circumstances … and there were a number of very young baby/children on board too …. those brave parents!! :good: :-) :rose:

    • Oh dear Anne, sounds like a very long day and journey!!! Your home now :good:

    • Indeed I am Lynn :-) … not gotten into gardening gear yet, but looking back at where I came from, and have wallowed in a soothing bath this afternoon … much prefer them to showers! :lol:
      It was pretty exhausting that journey :lol: :rose:

    • Glad your feeling better :good: the garden will still be there tomorrow :good: HAGE :rose:

    • :good: ;-) :rose: xx