• gertie posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good Afternoon Folks :high-five: Feeling human again after a rather rough week, helped by a ‘phone call from a good friend at lunch time :good: :love: :lol:
    HAGA :walt: :rose:

    • Hello Anne. I’m sorry to hear your week has been rough…..nothing your clicker friends could have helped you with? :rose: Good to hear you are feeling more cheerful though and you will soon be seeing your family :walt:

      • I would have bored you to tears Cilla :lol: … just had a nasty cold exacerbated by asthma … cough, cough, cough!
        It was a clicker friend who rang :love: :rose:

    • Afters Anne, sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly, hope you are 100% very soon. :rose: :rose: :rose:

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time, Anne. Hope you’re much better tomorrow :-)

      • Thanks Jane :love: have been much improved today, more than you by the sound of it. :disappointed:
        We feel I am sufficiently well enough and over any risk of passing on a virus or whatever, and we’ll be off to Somerset tomorrow, weather permitting. Son left here this morning and said, “See you tomorrow!” which was a cheery and hoped for statement :lol:
        I do so hope that your back improves quickly Jane :fingers-crossed: HAGE :rose:

    • It’s rotten to feel ill, Anne – and I hope you really are feeling well enough to benefit from your visit to Somerset. Hope you have a gentle peaceful time and come back restored in spirit.