• gertie posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Early night [I hope :lol: ] and weather permitting, off to Somerset in the morning :-)
    HALeoE All nightnight :high-five: :rose:

    • Off to Somerset? I thought family was coming to London, Anne :confused: Or is this just for a celebration next week?

      • Hallo Jane :high-five: How are you today?
        This is our son and family. They are having friends to stay at Christmas, and we are going to see them this weekend, and they are staying here next weekend for their youngest daughter’s b’day which is also Dom’s, so this is the beginning of a round of festive celebrations ennit. :lol: :walt: :fairysaysouch:
        Our daughter, Sadie and family, six altogether, are coming for actual Christmas. :lol: :fairysaysouch: :walt:
        Busy, busy :lol:
        HAGD Jane, and get better :love: :rose:

        • Morning Anne :-) not sure what time you’re off but have a good trip! No wonder you’ve been doing such a lot of sorting with so many guests to cater for. Hope you can take it easy this weekend then and recuperate before the ‘onslaught’ at CP :rose: :rose: