• gertie added a Photo 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    • Thank you for reminding me Walt :good: :-) It’s the second of 3 current Super moons , the third being on Jan 31st I think. :rose:

    • Better than mine :good:

    • No it isn’t Walt!! It’s only just there! … I had to wait for a space between clouds :lol: I just love these moon pictures of ours … and would love to know more about the moon’s effect on our gardens as I think there must be some, only I’m too busy/forgetful/lazy to follow up. :-( I can’t stay awake … am off now, nightnight :love: :rose:

    • The Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar is interesting :-)

    • thank you Walt … will take a look :good: :rose: