• gertie posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Right, kettle calls … HAGD All :rose:

    • Hope you’ve had a good day, Anne :-) Miserable weather here and so I’ve been indoors all day! HAGE :-)

      • … and it makes you feel imprisoned doesn’t it Jane :-) :confused: :love:
        Have just returned from doc’s and after careful and thoro’ examination she has put me on a week’s course of antibiotics :confused: … must admit I am astonished … have made an early appt. for an asthma check up too, so we shall see. Actually was feeling a bit better today too … so looking up :good:

        HALE and good luck for a peep of :notacloudinsight: for tomorrow. CP has also been under a cloud all day. :fingers-crossed: :rose: