• gertie posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Good Noon All :high-five: HAGrA :rose: :confused:

    • Hope you’ve had a good day, Anne :-)

      • Thank you, Jane; I cannot grumble and have chatted with a friend over the ‘phone which is always a treat.
        Just feel a bit dull and with nowt of interest to say, so will make more effort :good:
        Was your day better than yesterday?
        A :rose:

        • Hello Anne (it’s now Saturday 7.20am) :-) got a bit more forward on arranging trips for Mother’s and Father’s Days this year – always a relief to sort – as well as a short trip for OH’s birthday in April. As we travel by bus, it all gets expensive if we leave it late – though never as expensive as trains of course. It can take a long time as OH prefers not to hurry – even though or perhaps because it’s his parents ;-) Don’t think of your life as dull – just think of it as a temporary change in lifestyle. It’s the time of year – like the gardening gap we all know about. I love reading but by this time of year I’m itching to get out again knowing full well it won’t happen for 6 weeks or so and it makes reading books feel a bit like a treadmill. ;-) Have a relaxing weekend!

          • Good morning Jane :high-five: … when you were writing this I was dashing down the road because I thought the dustmen had forgotten the paper bin :lol: … silly me it was plastics today, and Dom had already sorted it … I must have been in a mental fog yesterday! :confused:
            Have a good weekend and enjoy your reading, The dreadful weather we have been ‘promised’ has not yet arrived here in CP, things are looking up :good: Hope it’s better chez Toi as well, and maybe you might have a short break in the garden too :fingers-crossed:
            HALW :rose: