• gertie posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Good night All … we had a flash power cut and I have be spending time retrieving stuff I was half-way thro’ on puter. :confused: Just come back and seen Hayley’s gorgeous photos :-) Off to byebyes when I have had a look. Nightnight :rose:

    • Good morning Anne – thought I saw you lurking a minute ago, but I guess you have gone back to bed.

      • Hi Sheila :high-five: I was, and I waited to see if you had commented, but after a while, I left and as you rightly surmised ,returned to bed. Am sorry I missed you. Hope you have had a super day :rose:

    • Morning Anne :-) hope you recovered your computer stuff. HAGD

      • Dom told me about auto save amongst other things and we got it back thanks Jane.
        HAGE :rose:

        • Good, Anne and if you’re writing stories or similar, save every couple of sentences ;-)

          • :good: :-)
            I want to find an outlet for them Jane, as it seems a cheek putting them in the children’s section here, when my fans ;-) Tony’s Grandchildren , are now growing up and not reading them any more, and many are not based solely around gardening either. I have a Christmas one, sorted at last, and am now embarking on part two … will save :good: :rose: