• gertie posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Good morning All from a cloudy C.P. Sun was brighter earlier but I went for an extra hour! Kept dreaming I was rushing about and have woken up feeling exhausted :lol: :cowboy: How daft is that :shout: :lol: Anyway, have some shopping to do today, so hope you all have a good day …. Laters :rose:

    • Morning Anne :-) don’t do too much shopping if you’re already exhausted ;-) What you need is a bowl of superfood blueberries! HAGD

      • Oh Jane … what a good idea :-) sounds more inviting than my usual banana and I have some in the fridge :good: HAGD Jane :rose:

    • Good morning Anne. This must be the morning for strange dreams. For some reason I was in the midst of a circle of blond-haired Norwegians trying to explain how I was going to apportion my will. Very odd. Hopefully, you haven’t got too much shopping to do, and can take life gently.

      • Ooer Sheila!¬ that is very odd :lol: Shake it off and have a good day. I feel much better after following Jane’s advice and eating a small bowl of blueberries for breakfast …yummy :-) :rose:

    • Nothing but Snow here Anne, don’t overdo it.