• gertie posted an update 4 months ago

    Good morning All from :notacloudinsight: yeah! in CP. I was so happy to see the little one-legged Blue Titmouse again at the feeders yesterday :-)
    HALD All :rose:

    • Morning Anne :-) you must be feeling good today :good: Sunshine will help you to get better, as well as the birds putting in an appearance ;-) Gently does it and enjoy the day :notacloudinsight:

    • Hallelujah, Anne! Stents are simple, but one of mankinds’ better ideas. It will take a wee while to gain confidence in just how effective they are – but they simply are! My life continues just the same as it ever did – and so will yours. I am glad I’m not in the same condition as the one-legged blue titmouse though – that’s a bit more difficult. Welcome home!

      • :-) Thanks Sheila :love:
        The Blue Tit is clearly a plucky critter :good: :rose:

        • Morning late risers, Looks like we are in for a good week, If you can believe the forecasters, Nice to have you back Anne, :good: :rose:

          • Late Allan :shout: … late :lol: That was relatively early at home for me ;-) :lol:
            Thank you anyway :lol:
            Love the Teddy concert card wishes :walt: :love: and very pleased that you indicate that you may be having :notacloudinsight: in wonderful Wales too.
            BTW how did the fishing go in the Brecon Beacons last weekend? :rose: