• gertie posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    @charlie13 Ah, have got back in …. having all sorts of odd difficulties on site this evening Len ,,,,, in answer to your question, yes, I grow runner beans and just hope that I haven’t left it too late this year. Nightnight,

    • you will be fine. i have have only just put mine in. french beans and peas as well. weather nice now so they soon will catch up. :good:

    • Oh good, thanks Len :good: I’ll get onto it asap. HALWeekend :rose:

      • hi anne. hope you have been out in the garden, but did see there was rain down there. still dry here but hoping for rain here to save me watering.

        • :lol: :good: Have been out in the rainy garden much of the day Len. Our lovely downstairs neighbours weeded where the birdseed is growing on the path around Blue Hill, then the little girl sat and chatted with me under the flowering Arbour, which is covered with sweet-smelling Clematis. This afternoon I put down a sack of bark chips I had onto the cleaned path … marvellous :walt: aren’t folks kind. :love: :rose: I also planted some seeds, a few left of the white Borage from Allan and some Marigolds after prepping the bed. Woe betide any cat that gets entangled in the netting I put over the top. Did other odds and ends but have now come in for a warm bath … am soaked!! :lol: Laters :high-five: HANE

          • evening anne. you were a busy bee. weekend flew by here. dont know where time goes. had martin and sophia up on sunday. they had a shocking journey up on the trains. took 6 1/2 hours to get up here. getting to be a regular problem. i am away in newcastle this coming weekend so better get some gardening done first. :fingers-crossed:

    • Hallo Len … just found this message :confused: site’s gone funny again!
      Anyway, let’s hope that a HS? will sort out the trains soon. It’s lovely to have family visiting :good:
      Hope you enjoy Newcastle … best fish & chips ever there :-) … Have a good week until then :rose:

      • Len replied 4 months ago

        morning anne. coudnt find a good chippy last time i was there. must have looked in the wrong place.. just taken my car in for mot and service. keeping my fingers crossed it isnt too expensive. a lot cooler this morning, will need a jumper on if i go to the lottie later. hope all is ok at your end and you arnt working too hard.

        • :lol: working hard? Moi?!! No, am being very … what did Jenn call it? … ‘louche’ Len ;-)
          Have a good time at the Lottie.
          I t was many years since we went to Newcastle but I will never forget the fisn’n’chips we had :lol:

          • Len replied 4 months ago

            i will let you know if i found a good one when i get back. going friday morning till sunday, it is for a rugby league tournament, you might know. :lol:

            • :lol: I would never have guessed Len :lol: Have a great weekend :good: :rose:

            • Len replied 4 months ago

              thanks anne. hope so. not a good day, car went in for a service and mot. it failed. needs plenty of work. :bad: wont now get it back till tomorrow. dare not ask for the bill. :angry:

            • Ouch :-( … good luck with that Len :good: Hope the Lottie was better for you :rose: HAGE

            • Len replied 4 months ago

              will just have to put on a brave face and pay. :good:

            • Have you got back your car now Len?

            • evening anne. yes got it back. they had to keep it a second day. failed it’s mot first time. needed a fair bit of work, but ok now. trying to get back to normal after the tiring weekend in newcastle. had trouble getting back sunday night. trains were a nightmare, but that is another story. hope all is ok at your end.

          • All is happy here Len. My friends from Switzerland are back home safe and sound. Our eldest Granddaughter, whom we collected from the airport last week from her first ‘leg’ of her Gap year in S.Africa [there’s another story! :-) ] is now enjoying a week in Marrakech!! and I am getting to grips … literally phew!… with GG! Dom is sorting out his garden work shed and the Blackbird was getting hysterical about the Ginger Tom this morning ….usual madhouse :lol: HAGD Len :good: :rose:

            • evening anne. it is all happening at your end then. funny you say about blackies. there were 2 fighting like mad in our garden yesterday. it was so bad one of them had lost a lot of its feathers. i had to part them.

            • Good heavens Len :shout: did you literally part them ‘hands-on’ or just make a noise and flap!?

            • i more or less had to go right up to them and clap my hands to make the aggressive one leave the other one alone. he only flew to the nearest bush and was waiting to start hostilities again. not sure if it kicked of again as i had to leave.

            • Golly! :shout:
              Have you seen them again today? :rose:
              We have a Blackbird nest in the bush I have been gradually cutting down :bad: Have had to cease hostilities on said bush for the time being :excruciating:

            • no not seen them today. rained from early morning till the middle of the afternoon, so that might have kept them quiet. i have been out tonight at the rugby, so if they have been at it again i missed it. we usually have a pair that nest in the hedge, so it could be something to do with that. territory related.

            • Yip … almost certainly territory related … aren’t birds incredible :shout: On which note … good night Len :rose:

            • Love watching the birds down at the lottie. a robin comes to the feeder on a regular basis. he loves suit. trouble is the magpies and pigeons eat most of it. :bad:

            • Good morning Len :high-five: Many of the birds in GG go for the dried meal worms :good: The baby Starling was shouting at it’s parent for them a few days ago!

            • morning anne. very busy here. got sophia for the week. was at the coast yesterday and going to a working farm to see the animals today. hope you havnt had those thunder storms which the south has suffered.

            • We had two a few nights ago Len … they were amazing :walt: :dance: watered the garden something smashing too :lol: We live halfway up/down a hill, so don’t suffer the flooding that some have had. Used to love taking my children and my school classes to working farms … Have a lovely time :good: :rose:

            • peace at last anne. they have just gone home. need a week to recover now and put the house straight. lol.

            • Yes, but it was worth it wasn’t it Len :lol: HALA :good: :rose:

            • must admit it was nice to see her. seems to have grown and get more cheeky every time she comes. :good: more housework to do now, but then must catch up in the garden and lottie. the grass and weeds have gone mad in the last week. :bad:

            • Tell me about it Len! :lol: Since supposedly taking it easy, I am getting so behind with everything in house and garden, that to worry about it has become counter-productive … so I won’t :lol: