• gertie posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Funny really ….. we have a wasps’nest in my little garden shed … this was how I got stung a few days ago before I had noticed it!!
    Has anyone dealt with this sort of invasion problem easily and successfully?
    All the posts I have googled so far talk about the dangers etc-etc-etc, and it sounds terrifying!! Don’t want another sting either …it hurt!
    Please help xx
    • It’s pretty and it’s alive with ferocious wasps!

    • Get spray wait till later on when the wasps are in and squirt it is really good

    • thanks Mick…you have done this then? :rose:

    • has it gone yet

    • Yes thanks Mick … Dom insisted on getting in the professionals and I didn’t argue in the end … that sting last week was very painful for several days! They dressed up, bagged it and said they would spray powder poison into the bag … I posted some pics earlier Thanks ever so much though for your advice. :rose: