• gertie posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    :yawn: :yawn: Good evening Folks :high-five:
    The good thing … Dom got most of the garden rubbish to the Tip, 3 separate runs, bless him: The bad thing,I found rust fungus underneath ALL the leaves of my purple clover, Oxalis triangularis :disappointed: It was growing so prettily but now won’t flower cos I snipped off every stem of leaf, all affected :bad: very disappointing :-( The only fungicide I had was ‘Roseclear’ so I sprayed what was left this evening , after the bees had gone to bye-byes …. which is where I’m off to now, as well.. Nightnight :rose:
    • I have just discovered spots of what looks like a rust fungal infection on a lime heuchera which I just bought from the big wholesale nursery up here. Just about to google it to find out if it’s terminal or can be treated in some way. Fingers crossed for us both, Anne.

    • Oh dear :fingers-crossed: indeed Sheila … that’s bad. Good luck. :good: :rose: