• gertie posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good evening Lynn, :high-five: Allan :high-five: and Friends. :high-five: …hope you all had a good day.
    How did the Nursery go Lynn ? Not too hot I hope!
    Allan , I was hoping for more rain but no chance…did you have more today?
    HAGE All :rose:

    • More rain, Anne? We haven’t had any! Good morning :-)

      • Good morning Anne. I hope you slept better than me, blooming humid here :-(

      • Good morning Jane :high-five: and Cilla :high-five:
        No rain here either. No long sleep either Cilla …. a neighbour kept popping into his little garden just below window next door, preparing for something I guess, just often enough to wake me just as I was dozing off again, so that was that :excruciating: I was aiming at a long lie-in as was awake around 05.30 but couldn’t face getting up then … lazy bod :bad: :lol:

        • Evening Anne, nursery was hot, 29d and they weren’t allowed outside as no real shade in the garden!!! But I survived, not so many children as the rising fives numbers drop at this time of year as family go away on holiday before the prices rise for the summer holidays, only 24 instead of 36!!!
          Slept well in the end, took a while to drop off as it was hot!!! Shopping done this morning and some pottering with time spent relaxing in the garden :good: watching Brazil v Belgium now after fish and chips :good: hage :rose: