• gertie posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    :confused: Am still struggling to work out ‘replies’ …’Comments’ … ‘Comments to replies’ ‘notifications’ ‘replies to comments’ etc. etc. and whatever else combinations I get :lol: :mad: :silly: :rose: Hald All :lol: :rose:

    • They don’t work like they used to, Anne. In some ways, it’s easier to ‘clear all notifications’ and just scroll through a couple of pages to see new clicks directly to you ;-) That’s what I do :cool:

      • I’m having problems with them as well,Also when I put photos on,I pick three but only one gets through, :rose:

        • Yes it is a bit ‘hit & miss’and ‘try, try, try again’ [as Daddy wrote in my Autograph book 60-odd years ago!] I am glad I’m not alone, but sorry too that you, Jane and Allan, are having irritations … it’s not conducive to serenity is it!
          :-) :rose: