• gertie posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Hallo Peops :high-five: Nothing to do with gardening, but those choppers that flew over Buckingham Palace, then flew over Crystal Palace, just like the other week …
    • Viewed in order of photo number, they flew over the houses on the other side of our road, over the roof and then over the Turkey Oak before disappearing :-)
      When I was a small child I remember a massive number of planes flying over our house. I was standing at the foot of our small, North London Garden, looking up and watching them. The whole sky was filled with aeroplanes all flying together. It’s one of those rare visual childhood memories that I will never forget. :rose:

    • here they come! I heard the noise reverberating long before I saw them! :rose:

    • Not sure if it includes the choppers, Anne, but over half the aircraft involved today are based in Lincolnshire. We occasionally have jets flying over us here.

    • You’re honoured then Anne :-)

    • :lol: Never thought of that Cilla :lol: They were still in formation!! Fantastic pilots :good: :rose:

    • Did you see some preparing to head for London them Jane? Apparently some flew over the North Sea so not sure where they originated :confused: :rose:

    • We had the first lot flying over our house heading back to Hampshire.

    • :good: Were they still in formation too Vashte?

    • No they were heading home Anne.

    • :good: :-)
      Hope the gardening is going to plan despite the weather Vashte ….. Nightnight Vashte :rose:

    • No, the garden is not going to plan and the judges should be around sometime this week and my rain dance not working. Nightnight my dearest.