• gertie posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Good morning from a cooler overcast CP. Usually I am watering wilting leaves like crazy by this hour of the morning, but so far, all look bright and perky for a change :-)
    HAGO All :rose:

    • Morning Anne :-) hope you have a good day!

      • Hi Jane :high-five: Good so far thanks :good: Am just taking a break from some excavating ;-) and wall rebuilding … am finding bits of old brick and lumps of concrete deep underneath that are difficult to move …huh! It’s like when we moved into a new town house when i was 9 years old and the little patch at the back had to be dug over and bricks and rubble removed before it could be made into a proper garden! :shout: :rose:
        What have you been up to? :rose:

        • Shopping and cooking, watering and picking ;-) Was late up as OH was late back yesterday – so this morning was a bit of a rush. Don’t strain anything trying to lift concrete! HAGE

          • I did :disappointed: and now I am sorry… nasty nose bleed again … bloomin’ nuisance. Never mind, we got the immovable objects out in the end…it was akin to excavating or an archaeological dig :lol: and Dom was terrific, as ever. He’s ordering a take-away tonight so all I have to do is sit and eat ! Talk about spoilt brat! :confused:
            HALE Janexx :rose: