• gertie posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Good afternoon All … just off out again digging and earth-moving ….could water the plants with the sweat that leaks out of my face :lol:
    Laters :high-five:

    • It’s women like you Anne, who give men unrealistic ideas about how well we can multitask. Digging and earth-moving and watering the garden SIMULTANEOUSLY! All over the country there are now lesser women (just like me) cowering in a corner and uttering brokenly, “Please don’t ask me, I just can’t do it”. Dom is indeed a fortunate man.

      • You are daft, and sweet all at once Sheila…in truth , I failed utterly because I have just managed to stop a big nose bleed … through, no doubt, over doing it , and Dom has cleared away the tools which I left out to deal with ‘by dose’ :confused: :lol:
        So no, no better than anyone else…How goes the house ?xx :love: :rose: