• gertie posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Good evening friends :high-five: Having a quiet evening now after silly-over-doing-it this afternoon …. well I like it and can do it and didn’t ask for another flippin’ nose bleed did I :angry: Anyway, HALE All, and guess what, we had five drops of rain this afternoon, and there is a promise of a little more tomorrow, so :fingers-crossed: :clover: :love: :rose:

    • Good evening, Anne. Nose bleed? May it be due to Warfarin or such like?

      • Not Warfarin but such-like Walt :-) :good: I have two different meds for thinning blood because of the three stents, and if I overdo it, it seems, [and I was gaily hefting up rocks and stones in the heat, then bending down too,] The nose bleed came on. It’s the fourth one over the last week, and the worst so far, so I will have to be more sensible, which is hard to be honest :mad: :silly:
        I will try ;-) Nightnight dear Walt :rose:

        • Good morning Anne, you are a naughty girl and will have to stand in the corner if you persist in overdoing it ;-) I know I would do just the same but do take it a bit easier, especially in this heat :notacloudinsight:

          • Will try Cilla, but am so near to getting that bed livable-in that I must get it sorted…I love a new project :walt: :call-me: :lol: :rose:

    • Hi Anne, I use to get nosebleed in Trinidad because of the heat but I seem to have grown out of it.