• gertie posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    good morning All…felt like ‘her of little faith’ this morning as thunder crashed and flashed overhead and rain fell down at around 05.15 this morning. there was I , all prepared to get up and water early… :lol: didn’t need to :lol:
    HAGD All :rose:

    • That’s good, Anne, watering was becoming a Chore for me, too.

      • I’ll bet it was Tina … mind you I have but two little gardens to water now as my friend is back from her trip.
        HALD xx :rose:

        • Hope you had a relaxing day then gertie. :walt: :rose: but I doubt it. :-)

          • :lol: How well you are beginning to twig me Dixon :lol:
            Nightnight :rose:

            • I have three Garden Chairs strategically placed Anne, sit in one to water Apples, and Plums, on to next Chair to water Potatoes, and Courgettes, then on to next, for Peas, Beans, and Strawberries, but have to stand to water Flowers in Tubs up the Ramp, not easy, having to hang on to Walker with one Hand, and from that position, also water my ninety year old Neighbours, even manage to hit the Hanging Baskets on her Shed, on a certain Nozzle !a bit of Fun ! But it is quite a long Job to do it all. :lol:

            • Crikey Tina… bravo you!! :lol: Great idea on the chairs :good: These hose extension thingys are wonderful for accurate hosing aren’t they :lol: I love mine.