• gertie posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Good evening All :high-five:
    We’ve had a busy afternoon in GG an have both noticed that as things progress the garden seems larger and nicer to walk around … pleased :-)
    HALE All :rose:

    • Evening Anne, :good: on the garden. We had lots of rain with some thunder!! :rose:

      • We had one flash and crack this evening Lynn, after Dom and I finished for the day.It rained late this morning but I was already on my way to have a cuppa with my friend Landa who moved away from our road a few years back. She’s a good friend and we stay in touch, as you do :-)
        At least you had rain, and you weren’t alone with the thunder ;-) :love: HAGeoE :rose:

        • I’m sure the fact that the garden is easier to walk around is a good indication of your progress. Well done Anne and Dom.