• gertie posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    Evening All … she says rocking on her heels, hands behind her back ;-) …. It was bucketing down at the airport as we walked across the tarmac to passport control :excruciating: and the twerp just in front of us stopped on the threshold leaving us under dripping eaves as well as pouring rain…. Dom was quite narked :nailbiting: :giggle:
    Anyway, we are now in ‘the bosom of the Family’ so to speak and full of delicious food which I didn’t have to prepare :dance: Hope you have all had as good a day as I have.
    Nightnight :love: :clover: :rose:

    • Ah, you have arrived safely, good. Have a wonderful visit Anne. :rose:

      • Thank you Karen…have already played [and of course lost at] a game of Billiards with oldest sporty one , Harrison. He’s a lovely geezer. Going to try out my legs with table tennis if the weather dries out enough over the weekend, and may well be watching Harrison at rugby…he’s a keen swimmer too :good: HAGD :rose: :clover:

    • Morning Anne :-) didn’t realise you were going away – have a lovely holiday with family. I assume you’re in France… :notacloudinsight:

      • Yes Jane, bonjour cherie :-)
        It’s great getting about again and seeing all our lovely children and grandchildren. As I said to Karen, am hoping to test the knees with table tennis this weekend :fingers-crossed: for dry weather :lol: HALD :rose:

    • Dom is quite right to be narked, Anne – thoughtlessness of how our actions affect others is just plain selfish. Have a lovely time, and come back safely (Mrs Dixon).

      • Morning Anne. I didn’t knowmyou were going away either. Have fun with your family and :fingers-crossed: for good weather.

      • Hallo Sheila and Cilla … sorry to have been so cagey … been so busy sorting stuff and preoccupied with things .
        It’s great to be finally gadding about for real and seeing our Families again …you know how that is Sheila, with your growing bundles of joy :lol:
        As for weather Cilla…too right :fingers-crossed: It was a very WET and unseasonal arrival but thankfully drying up a bit this morning. They have had odd seasonal changes and hiccoughs over here too and am not sure that I will get those fruity pomegranate photos I had hoped for … will look out for wild almonds when we’re out walking :good:
        HAGrD both of you :love: :rose: