• gertie posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good evening Friends :high-five:
    It’s been a fair ole day here today. I got up, after another poor night’s non-sleeping properly, feeling a real grumpybum, but feel good again now. :good:
    The colours of Autumn are very cheering and I have chatted with a few friends today too, including Tina [ Ambersparkle ] who will be back asap, but at the moment has her an arm in a sling and is struggling to make arthritic fingers behave on the other hand … some of us are no doubt familiar with that! Anyway she says ‘Hi! :high-five: :love:
    HALE All :rose:

    • Evening Anne, these lack of sleep night’s don’t do any of us any favours do they!!!!
      Poor Tina, I’m glad my aches and pains aren’t that bad, I admire that she keeps going :good:

      • Hi Lynn, me too, and as you say, it makes our own woes fade into insignificance :-) Am guessing that you’ve had a busy day and hope you enjoyed supper :-) Have a lovely evening& good luck to Ken :good: :rose:

    • Evening Anne. Commiserations on the lack of sleep, it is hateful :-( Tina is an amazing lady and I know I would be a complete wimp and pain in the butt if I had her problems.

      • She is Cilla :good:
        Are you feeling a bit better now? you are doing all the right things, walking, cuddling cats and taking pics [well as far as I am concerned anyway ] :lol: ;-) Ain’t it dark … I’m just about ready for another go outside in GG, but I can’t see anything :confused:
        Have a good evening Cilla :love: :rose:

    • Morning Anne and I hope you’ve had a better sleep! Thanks for passing on how Tina is :rose: HAGD :-)

      • Hi Jane, Tina did ask me to … I think she wants to be back asap, but the cold, damp weather is not helping :bad:
        I took paracetamol on top of the rattling lot in the end…need to get over myself with these tablets…ggggrrr Anyway, had a lovely walk in the golden park this morn and ready to do some House work before I write my diaries and blogs and stories … which I would rather do :lol:
        Have a good afternoon Jane … is the lane looking good? … :walt: Jane in the lane :walt: …. :rose: