• gertie posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Good evening Karen, I have recently had emails purporting to be from two separate GC friends into my Outlook box within which they have attached a scam URL, so that when I open the URL another window opens that either asks me for my details or tempts me to play a game. etc, etc. Such mails have nothing to do with my friends and I am leaving myself open to scammers in some way….don’t pretend to understand how or why but it has put the wind up me…so I thought I should let you know in case
    a] anyone else has had a similar problem, or
    b] it has anything to do with a list connected in some way to Gardenclickers and not just me. I have mentioned it to the first friend and am about to mail the other, as ‘her’ scam mail came this afternoon.
    xxAxx :rose:

    • Hi Anne…it is worrying. I am sure it will get sorted

      • Hi Susie … bless you! Not half as worrying as what poor Poppydog has been going through … hugs for her and you’ll from me, [and the Teds ;-) ] :love: :love: xx :rose: