• gertie posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Good day All from a cloudy but so far bright morning in CP.

    • Morning Anne,Thick frost here this morning,Going to have to put fleece over my dahlias today,

      • Late morning, :lol:

        • :lol: Snap :lol: Good morning Allan :high-five:
          Have just spent a few minutes watching Micky P’s latest composting video…’Bostin!’ ;-) It has reminded me to put more cover over my puny composter to keep the worms warm :good:
          We haven’t had frost here yet but it’s very cold now. Have to cut back my Blackberry canes today, as promised to Dom … they are impeding his way into his tool shed!!
          Laters :high-five: Have a good afternoon ;-) :good: :rose:

    • Afternoon Anne and Al :-) extremely cold here – no frost though. Spring is the next season :walt:

      • :good: YES! :lol: :rose:
        Swept the pavement outside and the path inside, but still have the garden to do … it’s getting dark, what Tina and Sheila might call dreich too … bbbrrr!
        I’m no slouch, but am not an idiot or saint either!
        The garden paths can be a worm sanctuary for another day and the Blackberry canes can wait until tomorrow. :-) HANA Jane :good: :rose: