• gertie posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Good evening All … it’s been a dry, bright, cool day in CP….sun, cloud and blue sky … have done b-all except listen to MPs wittering on … don’t know who’s more hopeless today … them or me :bad: Am, however, enjoying the use of a spiraliser to make non-carb spaghetti and I love the raw grated cauliflower and the cooked version in place of rice! Tasty and fun!
    HAGEAll :good: :rose:

    • Hello Anne :-) I’ve had Parliament TV on for part of the day – what a saga! Have a lovely time with the spiraliser and whatever you concoct for dinner :good:

      • Evening ladies don’t think it went past zero here baltic

      • Try again :confused:
        Hi Jane, as I said[but it’s gone?].what a saga! is about right :-(
        btw something I have wanted to ask you for ages.
        My tasty little cut-and-come-again lettuces … is there a technique that I could apply to get a few to ‘heart up’, like a Coz for example?
        They are out of the worst of the weather in pots in the Glassroom.
        Your advice would be treasured :good: HAGE :love: :rose:

        • Morning Anne :-) the lettuce won’t heart up while using them for cut and come again. If you don’t touch a couple of them at all, you could see how they do and then pick the whole lettuce when big enough for you. I like a lot of lettuce and hate only having a few leaves on my plate but it’s better than Lidl’s and it’s even more better than none :lol: