• gertie posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Pruned back dead wood [at last]from the Blackberry runners, but there is more judicious pruning and guiding and probably tying back yet to do. Had an abortive appointment at another surgery to try to get my Asthma check/review sorted, but it was a fools’ errand as when I got there, as arranged, there was only one nurse who couldn’t do it, and no free doctor either. Trying to get it sorted out early in the year as I missed out after having the heart attack etc last year. Having a complicated week, will explain all another time.
    Nightnight All :high-five: :rose:

    • Hi Anne, Very early morning, Bt the look of my blackberry stems,I’m going to have another good crop this year,Same with the blueberries,The evergreen one has lots of fruiting buds on it,while the deciduous one is still dormant.but with swelling buds.All my snowdrops have been out for weeks,Will be thinking about starting some seeds off soon. :rose:

      • Hi Allan … late morning here ;-)
        I remembered what you said about cutting back to two stems, but it’s a big healthy plant and I have 4 or 5 long stems raring to go. I hadn’t twigged it being evergreen, which would explain the prolific green growth still there … but have many swelling nodes that promise fresh growth and berries later too :good: have a good Sunday Allan :rose:

        • When you let too many stems fruit ,It reduces the size of the fruit. I found that by removing the new shoots all but two as they come through the ground ,You get bigger and more fruit with more juice in them. :rose:

    • Morning Anne and Al :-) pain in the rear for you Anne and I hope you can get checked out soon :fingers-crossed: Have a good day both of you :-)

      • Morning Anne and Al. Very frustrating for you Anne. I hope you get it sorted soon.
        Our snowdrops have only just peeped through, Al. I was only thinking this morning, I must start my bean trench off.

    • Thanks gals … I’ll explain more fully later, save to say I am fine [I hope] just need to get myself fit asap so that I can go to look after my daughter who is very ill at present,
      Have a good day and let’s beat the wind :fingers-crossed: :-) :rose: