• gertie posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Good morning Gardeners …lovely, bright sunshine :notacloudinsight: :sun-clouds: in C.P.which has burned off any frost on the garage at the back.Might get down to GG and do something after shopping if it stays that way. HAGO All :rose:

    • Afternoon, Anne :-) it’s lovely here too :good:

    • Hi Ladies…Sunny here too, but I am in my cage booo booo and thrice booo…Hope your both out playing :rose: :rose:

      • Hallo again Susie … just been shopping and eaten a late lunch. Might, just might move my carcass and get outside in a mo :dunno: :-) :rose:

        • Hi Anne. Sunshine here too :good:

          • Hi Cilla…you’d be disgusted with me today :bad: …. late back from shopping, late lunch, sat and watched old TV and now far too dark to go out down to GG :disappointed: One good thing tho’ … ‘phoned Sadie and she is getting better and stronger by the day, so most is well in Anne’s World and am trying to decide where to start on needs-must a big Spring-clean! :confused:
            HAGE You :good: :rose: